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Specialising in disciplinary hearings, we aim to ensure that each of our clients and their employees walk away from a disciplinary hearing feeling that they have received a fair opportunity to be heard.


Very often business’ interpret the labour laws incorrectly and apply these in a manner not intended. This often not only places organisations at risk but furthermore exposes employees to unintentional unfair labour practices. The Labour Relations Act of South Africa is there to protect both the employer and employee and we look to ensure that these laws are applied correctly.


So make sure that you are not placing your business at risk and opening yourself up to damaging compensation claims at the CCMA or Bargaining Councils, that could cripple your business financially. Contact us today!


Always Available

Receive immediate assistance with drafting charges

Online Consulting

Over the phone advice on urgent disciplinary concerns.

Ensuring neutral Chairpersons

The Consultants who assist and guide telephonically and with drafting charge sheets will NOT be the Consultant to chair the disciplinary hearing!

Affordable Rates and efficient Feedback

Professional and detailed outcome documents at competitive rates with good turn around times.

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We are here to help you and your business. We know the labour laws and will ensure that they are applied correctly. Call today!

Why Choose Us

We are the Best

With over 25 years combined experience we know what to expect.

Priority Always to the Labour Laws

Making sure our clients and their employees understand their rights is number 1.

We do it by the Book

Labour Laws are applied as intended for both parties ensuring a procedurally and substantively fair outcome

Worried you’re not compliant with the Laws

We have the best Consultants to provide guidance

Stop worrying and get the hearing experts to manage the process correctly.